Renew Your Health

Helping hand to heal.


My family story and 20 plus years working with Health and Welfare in Idaho.

How I became a

Self Care Promoter

My name is Tesla Heidi Gillespie. I was born as Heidi Gillespie in 1968 in Tucson, AZ  on a military base, Then when I was 6 months old my family moved to Germany.  We were stationed in Germany until I was 5 years old. My personal life and family tree has many stories .  I will Share some of those with you…Stories of Love and fear and my struggles and  Victories

My name was Heidi until I was 25 years old. I changed my first name for two reasons 1. My mom named me after the 1937 Film Heidi staring Shirley temple.2. I wanted a new start because while I was a caregiver and healer I experienced abuse and as a victim of abuse I wanted to overcome the stigma and pain of abuse and I chose to change my first name to accomplish that.  

Being known as Tesla for the last 20 years I have been committed to learning the history and science of healing and the wisdom of Living off the land.

I created a clinic called Renew Your Health with sound nutritional wisdom to add Beauty to your life both inside and out.  This clinic has interactive services plus products to support all 12  system for everyone.  I specialize in working with people with disabilities either physical or emotional . I can help people work with their personal issues and to help them create a new road map to their healing. 

My son map and story will be told soon.

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